Machines that will move you forward

We manufacture packaging and handling equipment and KEG lines for the whole world.

Packaging and handling machines

Machines that will help you grab, pack and transport your product to the right place.

KEG technology

Complete equipment of KEG lines. Choose a machine that we will build into your existing line or unit.

Product Conveyors

Choose a conveyor that will make your logistics more efficient. We will perfectly adapt the machines to your place.

Robotic Workplaces

Automate production with a tireless robot. We program any robot movement and deliver a comprehensive solution.

Why choose NT TECHNICS?

We rely on quality materials and reliable service.


We respond swiftly to the needs and wishes of our customers. We are able to customise the machines and equipment to the production facility and requirements.


We pride ourselves on the quality materials we equip our machines with. Thanks to this, our products achieve greater durability.

Fast service

We guarantee prompt service to our customers. We are able to solve urgent cases within 24 hours, or if need be immediate, using online remote management.

We will advise you on everything

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you on the choice of machine and the ideal solution for your business.


informace o naší firmě a klientech

We are a manufacturing company based in Chotěboř and  have been designing and manufacturing transport, handling equipment and KEG technologies since 2008. The design of the machinery is bespoke and for each customer, matched to suit their specific requirements; we take the ‘cradle to grave‘ approach ensuring all criteria laid down is comfortably met offering the ideal solution. All NT technics s.r.o. machinery meets the highest manufacturing standards ensuring production targets are comfortably achieved. As experts in the production of machines for other industrial applications, we also specialize in the robotization of operations in many other industrial environments.  With this knowledge, we can also offer advice and technical support to improve production facilities, where required and necessary.

The NT technics s.r.o. portfolio consists of specialized robotic workplaces, palletizing and depalletizing stations, packaging machines, bottle inserters and unloaders, and various types of transport systems. Another area of our production is lines for washing and filling KEG barrels and washing crates. We not only supply our customers with stand-alone machines, but we are also able to provide complete production solutions. In addition, our fast and flexible service guarantees a continuous production operation.

Machine sales

we install and service worldwide