Offer Packaging machines and lines

Group packaging of beverages and products in the heat-shrinkable film.

The machines of the NAPACK series are semi-automatic or fully automatic and are manufactured in a standard steel design with a KOMAXIT surface treatment in combination with plastics and stainless steel parts.


NAPACK 200 200 packing per hour semi-automatic
NAPACK 300 300 packing per hour automatic
NAPACK 400 400 packing per hour automatic
NAPACK 500 500 packing per hour automatic
NAPACK 800 800 packing per hour automatic
NAPACK 1200 1200 packing per hour automatic
NAPACK 1500 2000 packing per hour automatic

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Options Packaging in heat-shrinkable foil, in foil with a backing, or in foil with tray-type cardboard.
Packaged products PET bottles,
glass bottles,
other products by arrangement.
Machine Design Semi-automatic: the operator manually inserts the bottles into the feeder. After pressing the START button, the group of bottles is inserted behind the welding bar and wrapped in foil. Passing through the hot air tunnel, the foil shrinks and fixes the packaged bottles.

Automatic: bottles are sorted automatically. Groups of bottles are inserted behind the welding bar by a paddle or bar feeder.

Continuous packaging lines: the automatic sorting of bottles. The cutting mechanism cuts the corresponding length of the film and synchronizes its movement with the bar feeder. The group of bottles is pushed by the bar feeder to the beginning of the foil blank. At the end of the film is thrown in front of a group of bottles. The subsequent movement will wrap them.

The main parts of the machine input conveyor
bottle feeder
foil unwinding drive
welding bar
hot air tunnel
cooling fan

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