Offer Washers and KEG filling machines

It is used to wash normally soiled KEG barrels and then fill them with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

The machines of the NM KEG series are fully automatic and are manufactured in an all-stainless steel design.

The functionality is verified by evaluating the data of the DataKeg control device.


  • The whole washing and filling process is controlled by a programmable control system type SIEMENS SIMATIC S7, which is located in a stainless steel cabinet
  • Washing takes place in several steps
    • Forcing the rest of the old drink from the barrel onto the channel
    • Pulsating splash of mixed water
    • Pulsating spray of detergent
    • Pulsating spray of hot water down to zero conductivity
    • Steam sterilization
    • Barrel purge and subsequent CO2 pressurization
      • The barrel is filled using a calibrated and calibrated flow meter and is divided into several phases
      • Great emphasis is placed on the sterility of this process, namely sterilization of the filling head with steam before and after each filled barrel
    • Washing the fittings of the filled barrel with hot water
    • Spraying the fitting of the filled barrel with disinfectant


NM KEG 15 15 barrels per hour semi-automatic
NM KEG 30 30 barrels per hour automatic
NM KEG 60 60 barrels per hour automatic
NM KEG 120 120 barrels per hour automatic

More Information

The main parts of the machine Washing station (number according to required power)
Detergent life station
Filling station
Valve blocks for each active position
Barrel pressure (above each active position)
Transport of barrels
Connecting board
Flow meter
Control panel

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